Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pink elephant print skinny jeans

I just ordered the most ridiculous jeans ever. Pink skinny jeans with pink elephants all over them. (That's about as ridiculous as it gets, right?)

I saw the jeans on ASOS months and months ago and fell in love. I love elephants; in fact, in addition to a hippo Pinterest board that I have for obvious reasons *points at site name*, I also have an elephant Pinterest board. Anyway, despite my love for elephants, I could not bring myself to spend $58 on such a... unique... item of clothing. Lucky for me they are now currently on sale for $29. Sadly, judging by their size chart, I don't think they'll fit (or at least not how I want them to), but I love them too much not to try; especially when ASOS offers free shipping both ways.


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  2. I just got my pair. They fit very well around the legs but the top of them are to big for me.I will see if they shrink when I wash them.


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