Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Introducing: Chicago Ideas

One piece of advice that successful professional bloggers always give to aspiring-to-be-successful bloggers is to “write what you know.” For some time I’ve been trying to determine what interests me that I know better than the average person (and that I'd enjoy writing about). Today while trying to take a nap before work it occurred to me (go figure). I moved to Chicago almost three years ago and in that time I’ve had numerous native and long-time Chicagoans express surprise to me about all the fun, cheap things that I find to do in Chicago. So, today I decided I am going to start a new feature on things to do in Chicago.

While some suggestions may be obvious to native Chicagoans, I hope to also include some ideas that even born-and-raised Chicagoans have not thought of. Some ideas will be cheap, some will not. Some ideas will be exclusive to being able to do in Chicago, however, not all will be; in the latter instances, I plan to keep the focus on Chicago by including links to Chicago businesses/attractions where the ideas can be carried out.

I only average about 1,000 page views a month, almost all of which come from people who do not comment, therefore I honestly do not know how successful this new feature of mine will be; if you appreciate any of the ideas I suggest, or have fun Chicago ideas for me to try, please leave me a comment so I know you are out there. And of course, if you like my new feature after you have read a few (I plan to post weekly) I would appreciate any help spreading the word. My loftiest goal would be to have this feature gain enough readers that I could eventually offer my readers personalized discount codes for the Chicago ideas that I share.

I will be tagging all Chicago idea posts with the label "Chicago ideas" so you can view all of the Chicago ideas posts by clicking the "Chicago ideas" label.

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