Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cuddly T-Rex in Chicago

About two months ago I came across this desktop background, and was immediately smitten. Cute, funny, and silly: what's not to love? It has been my background ever since.

Last week when walking around Chicago after Timmy's birthday dinner we discovered something GLORIOUS:

It was by a stroke of luck that we saw it. Not only were we originally going to take transit rather than walk, but the painted building was across the street and partially obstructed by weeds and a fence.

It made my day.

For anyone that is curious (although mostly just to remind myself), Mr. Cuddles is at the corner of Fullerton and Milwaukee (to the southwest under the train tracks).


  1. Haha, that is ADORABLE! MC has an ongoing joke about me leaping into the arms of a grizzly bear, should I ever meet one. This mural makes my day. You should find an artist and have him make one with you in there instead of the little blonde girl. :)

    1. Hahah, I am the same way with some adorable but dangerous creatures.

  2. Cammila just gave me a fantastic idea for a tattoo!


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