Thursday, July 12, 2012

Celebrating Timmy's birthday

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, Timmy's birthday was Monday so we spent a few days celebrating.

Sunday we went on a huge grocery trip. Not for Timmy's birthday (although Jello cake ingredients were bought), just because we needed groceries. Since we don't have a car and rely on public transit, getting groceries is a pain; usually it involves me carrying home a few items several times a week. This time we decided to make it a big trip and take a taxi home; since I'm cheap (and don't want to pay for a taxi often), and not that strong (therefore I can't carry much home at once), I decided to buy as much stuff as possible at once. The fact that most of Target's on-line coupons require buying multiples of items certainly didn't help any. Anyway, it ended up being the longest grocery receipt I've ever seen; it was amusing and embarassing all at the same time as it kept printing and printing and printingggg.

Sunday night we went out for dinner and drinks with two of our friends to celebrate Timmy's birthday. We didn't think to take any photos. Well, I thought it, I just don't like to hassle people by taking their photo.

Monday we went on a kayaking tour of downtown Chicago; you can see the photos from that in this blog entry that I posted yesterday.

Tuesday (Timmy's actual birthday), we ate at one of Timmy's favorite pizza places, The Boiler Room. They have a special called a PB&J which is a slice of pizza, a beer (PBR), and a shot of Jameson for only $7.50.

Timmy finished his meal with some Jameson (whiskey) ice cream.

Timmy with his birthday presents from me (a Blu-Ray player and season one of "Game of Thrones").

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  1. I was really hoping PB&J was peanut butter & jelly on pizza. That sounds awesome, haha.


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