Sunday, May 20, 2012

What I Wore - Leopard and orange

I am clearly not yet used to hot weather again. Today it got up to 92 degrees and I felt like the skin of my legs was melting off. Ironically I had no problem sporting the cardigan with the sleeves rolled up; the bare skin was the real problem. Between the orange skirt + leopard print + six inch wedges + three multi-strand necklaces, the outfit felt very over-the-top for a 2:00 pm trip to the grocery store, however, I feel that it photographed well. The skirt was made by Rebekah of "From the Mixed-up Files..." (thanks Rebekah!). Oh, and, word to the wise, careful wearing a flowy circle skirt somewhere they call the "Windy City" (I may have inadvertently flashed some people.....). Oh, and apologies for my eyes being mostly closed in all the photos.

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  1. Your skirt does that weird long in front and back but short on the sides thing too! Sorry about that. I didn't figure out that happened until recently. I love it with the leopard!! I don't know how you wore a cardigan. I was at Great America today and was too hot in my shorts and T-shirt.


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