Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chinatown 100th Anniversary Celebration

Yesterday Timmy and I went to a celebration for the 100 year anniversary of Chicago's Chinatown. The parade was a bit frustrating because no one knew which direction the parade was going; this resulted in everyone gathering around where the parade was lining up, and some people walking beside the parade (which blocked the view of others). Nonetheless, it was still enjoyable.

There is no shortage of cute elephant figures in Chinatown. I wish I had taken a picture of these two next to something to show their scale; they are tiny (a little bigger than a quarter) which makes them all the cuter. The one on the left was $1.59 and the one on the right was $0.99. The right elephant is a cellphone charm that I plan on turning into a necklace.

We also picked up some nummies; nothing adventureous, some apple turnovers, and a coconut pastry (not pictured).

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