Sunday, May 27, 2012

What I Wore - Rainboots and tulips

Yesterday it was 80+ plus degrees but it was supposed to rain, so, I broke out my new rainboots that I got for $8 on clearance from Target. It never did rain, so, I just looked like a weirdo wearing jeans and rainboots in hot, dry weather.

Dumpsters make awesome backgrounds, don't you think?

We went to a little carnival yesterday. We only rode one ride and bought some lemon shakeups, but it was still worth the trip. Lemon shakeups are pretty much the yummiest drink ever.

I love this little bow ring that I got for about $2 at Forever 21.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

What I Wore - Leopard and orange

I am clearly not yet used to hot weather again. Today it got up to 92 degrees and I felt like the skin of my legs was melting off. Ironically I had no problem sporting the cardigan with the sleeves rolled up; the bare skin was the real problem. Between the orange skirt + leopard print + six inch wedges + three multi-strand necklaces, the outfit felt very over-the-top for a 2:00 pm trip to the grocery store, however, I feel that it photographed well. The skirt was made by Rebekah of "From the Mixed-up Files..." (thanks Rebekah!). Oh, and, word to the wise, careful wearing a flowy circle skirt somewhere they call the "Windy City" (I may have inadvertently flashed some people.....). Oh, and apologies for my eyes being mostly closed in all the photos.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Amazing woodwork of Ariele Alasko

I have a new talent-crush. For me talent crushes happen almost instantaneously whenever I discover someone very talented (for example, Tonya of Tonya Cook Photography, photographer Ashlee and makeup artist Laura of Windy City Pinup). Lithium Picnic, the talented photographer of gorgeous alternative models once left a quick compliment on one of my photos and I geeked out about it for weeks (okay, maybe longer). My point is, hell, I don't know what my point it, so, let's just get to the AWESOME! Ariele Alasko. SUPER talented wood-worker. Wood artist? I am making mental notes for a future dream house.

View more of her work on her blog.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

More Hello Kitty goodness

Love me some Hello Kitty.

Where to buy:
Hello Fabulous Hardcase
Pretty Kitty Hello Kitty Studs
Hello Kitty Fabulous Wallet
Hello Kitty Big Fabulous Wallet
Hello Kitty Kitture Scarf
Hello Kitty Fun Nail Set
Hello Fabulous Tote
Hello Kitty Rockin' Locket Necklace
Hello Fabulous Journal

Chinatown 100th Anniversary Celebration

Yesterday Timmy and I went to a celebration for the 100 year anniversary of Chicago's Chinatown. The parade was a bit frustrating because no one knew which direction the parade was going; this resulted in everyone gathering around where the parade was lining up, and some people walking beside the parade (which blocked the view of others). Nonetheless, it was still enjoyable.

There is no shortage of cute elephant figures in Chinatown. I wish I had taken a picture of these two next to something to show their scale; they are tiny (a little bigger than a quarter) which makes them all the cuter. The one on the left was $1.59 and the one on the right was $0.99. The right elephant is a cellphone charm that I plan on turning into a necklace.

We also picked up some nummies; nothing adventureous, some apple turnovers, and a coconut pastry (not pictured).

Sunday, May 6, 2012

All vocal theme songs

I discovered an awesome YouTube Channel that I wanted to share. The channel is nmckaig. nmckaig recreates theme songs to movies and television shows using only his voice (all instruments are mimicked using his voice). Below are some of my favorites; be sure to check out his channel to watch more.

Bill Nye the Science Guy Theme Song

Star Wars Main Title Theme

The Simpsons Theme Song

Nickelodeon's "Doug" Theme Song