Sunday, April 29, 2012

My four favorite fashion blogs

I follow quite a few blogs, and wanted to share my top four favorite fashion blogs (in no particular order).

I have been following Syl And Sam for quite a long time. If I remember correctly, I have been following them since before my boyfriend and I got together and that was over five years ago. Sylvia and Sam are sisters who have created their own clothing line called Lipgloss and Black. You may remember them from the Friday Favorites feature I did on their clothing line last December. What I love most about these ladies is that they wear what they want, and chances are, it isn't like anything you've seen someone else wear. They have a knack for composing very unique outfits. They also post DIY clothing and nail tutorials on their blog for those who like to get crafty.

Like Sylvia and Sam's blog, Dressed Up Like A Lady features outfits from a unique fashion point of view. Camilla, owner of Dressed Up Like A Lady, takes fashion inspiration from a variety of decades and puts her own spin on them. Camilla's fashion is one part glamazon, one part rock star, three parts vintage, and infinite parts indescribable. Camilla oozes so much confidence and charisma that everything she wears looks amazingly effortless.

While Kendi Everyday may be a glaringly obvious choice (after all, what fashion blog follower hasn't heard of her?), Kendi definitely makes it into my top four. What I feel really sets Kendi off from most other well known fashion bloggers is that her outfits are realistic for the average reader. The fact that time and time again she can make affordable comfortable clothes look amazing is a testament to her sense of style. While I enjoy looking at glamorous outfits composed of individual pieces that cost more than I would spend on a whole outfit, how practical are those outfits to the average person's day to day life? Even if I could afford them, I wouldn't be wearing those outfits to buy groceries, hang out with friends, etc. Kendi has a talent for making even the most basic pieces like t-shirts and jeans look fabulous.

I must disclaim that I just came across Gabi Fresh yesterday; however, Gabi is full of so much fabulousness that I am already hooked. I only wish that she posted more often so that we could soak in a more regular dose of her fantastic style. Gabi proves that looking amazing has nothing to do with size, and everything to do with confidence.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

April Retrospective - A look at Aprils past








"My Girl" bowling

A couple months ago some coworkers and I have started going bowling after work once every two weeks. The first time we were all really full of energy and singing and dancing. One of my coworkers took the video below of the singing (I just speed through some of the slower parts).

Saturday, April 21, 2012