Friday, March 16, 2012

Three weeks without Internet

We've been without Internet for about two weeks now, and it will be another week still before our new Internet provider can make it out.

Don't you just love how cable companies like to increase your rate by 50% at the end of your promotional period? Me too, that's why we canceled our cable and cable Internet and are going with AT&T for Internet now. The thing I appreciate most about AT&T is that they told us up front what our rate would be after the introductory period; compare that to Comcast who doesn't even send you information with the new, higher rate until AFTER the higher rate is already in effect (so shady). If you want to call in to Comcast to find out what your new rate is going to be (which is the only way you can find out what the new rate will be before it goes into affect), chances are you will be waiting on hold quite a while; when we called in to find out if there was any better rate they could offer us, we had to wait on hold for over half an hour just to talk to someone; we weren't even given the option to be called back like they give callers wanting to add service (before they are even on hold a couple minutes). Great customer service Comcast, subperb, really. After two and a half years with Comcast, I'm happy to no longer be giving them any of my money. I hope AT&T works out since Comcast and AT&T are the only options I know of in my area; considering AT&T's standard (non-promotional) rate is quite a bit less than Comcast, I don't forsee there being a problem.

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