Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ingrid Michaelson Chicago pop-up tour concert

It has been over a month since my boyfriend and I went to the Chicago Ingrid Michaelson popup concert. We managed to get the perfect spot for the concert. It was right up front but on the right side where they had some benches; I have trouble standing in one place for long periods of time, so, that worked perfectly.

My boyfriend at dinner before the concert.

I was all excited to take some photos at the concert, however, they didn't end up allowing use of regular cameras. I assumed that might be the case, however, when I looked it up before the concert, the only info I could find regarding cameras at the venue said that it was up to the artist, and Ingrid's web-site didn't say anything about no cameras. They allowed cellphone camera photos, however, I have a pretty basic cellphone that doesn't take good photos in even the best of conditions (IE good lighting, no movement, etc.), so, there was little point in trying to take photos there with my cellphone. Luckily my boyfriend has a pretty good camera on his cellphone, however, he doesn't really like taking photos, so, we only got a few.

Ingrid picked a fan from the audience to sing with her.

All the wristbands were signed by Ingrid, and everyone received an autographed copy of "Human Again" (her newest CD) after the show.

All of Ingrid's pop-up concerts had no more than 250 tickets available for each so that the concerts would be more intimate (it also makes us very lucky to have gotten tickets!). This photo was taken from our spot next to the stage (while people were still being let in) and does a good job of showing how small of venue it was.

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