Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Wore - Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day I wore the houndstooth dress that I wrote about last week. It was 30 degrees here today so it took a lot of courage for me to wear a dress outside (I changed my mind countless times); I combatted the coldness with two pairs of tights (including one sweater pair), thick socks, warm boots, and a cardigan.

I don't know how girls wear skirts this short. I was so self-conscious and was constantly checking to make sure my skirt hadn't rode up any.

I think the next time I wear this dress I am going to try spray starching the top of the heart so it will keep its shape better.

I wore bright pink tights under the sweater tights which created a cool effect if you looked very closely. I'm annoyed that these $15 tights I got from H&M had snags in them within an hour of putting them on (I can't think of anything they would have caught on).


  1. I like it. I know what you mean about the length. I always wear leggings or skinny jeans under dresses that I consider short enough to be worn as a tunic. A simple chain of the right length with a colored gemstone pendant would look great with this dress.


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