Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day commercialization and celebration

It is easy to say Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday, however, I say Valentine's Day is only a commercial holiday if you make it one; skip the store-bought cards, chocolates, and roses, and given thoughtful personalized gifts. The thing I love about Valentine's Day is that it gives people a yearly reminder to slow down, and show appreciation for the people in their lives (don't just make it about your significant other); as nice as it would be for people to do this daily, let's be honest, that rarely happens.

This year I'm excited about FOUR days of Valentine's Day celebration. Yesterday was the official kick off that Timmy and I celebrated with the return of the show "The Walking Dead." While it may seem weird to some (most?) to celebrate Valentine's Day with zombies, that's just how Timmy and I roll :).

Today I am baking a few dozen cupcakes to share with some of the people in our lives. I have tomorrow off, and Timmy and I are going out to eat to one of our favorite restaurants, Flat Top Grill. Flat Top Grill is a stir-fry buffet, Timmy and I aren't really fancy-sit-down-at-white-tablecloths kind of people.

Wednesday, the day after Valentine's Day, I also have off from work. Timmy and I will be going to an intimate Ingrid Michaelson concert on her pop-up tour.

Below is another one of her songs, "The Way I Am". If you weren't familiar with her song I posted last time, you're more likely to have heard this one as it was one of her most well songs.

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  1. I hope the concert was excellent!

    Missing you guys


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