Sunday, January 22, 2012

Photo salutes flashback

"Back in the day" photo salutes were popular on-line. Photo salutes are essentially when someone takes a photo of themselves holding a piece of paper with either their screen name on it (to prove what they look like) or someone else's screen name (as a sort of digital gift, for lack of better explanation).

Today I discovered my collection of photo salutes that I have received; the photos prompted a trip down memory lane to a decade ago. Back then I was a member of quite a few on-line message boards where I met some wonderful people. Today I am fortunate enough to still be in contact with several of those people (more than those below that I received salutes from). I have only met two of the people pictured below in person, however, I hope that my path will cross with more of them in the future!


  1. Well look at me being all blind :O

    1. Now I am curious who left that reply because that comment could mean so many things, haha

  2. haha you still get these things? ;D Also I assumed the guy in the sunglasses was the blind one :-P


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