Monday, January 23, 2012

Hair colors of moments past

A week ago I posted an entry called Rainbow Colored Hair where I mentioned that I missed the freedom that I had with my hair color before I entered the work force. In that post I also shared that I had lost all my old photos; well, to my delight I recently regained access to my old MySpace account where I found a couple hundred old photos. Below are just some of my previous hair colors.

Pink was probably my favorite.

I loved purple too.

Red which you saw a photo of in my Rainbow Colored Hair post.

And just for fun...


A natural-red wig


  1. What a fun progression! I love all of your different colors -- but I must say I also love your Popple backpack!! :D

  2. ha! I remember a couple of those pictures from ancient msn group times.

    Where does time go?! :(


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