Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Favorites - Tonya Cook Photography

One of my favorite people I've met on-line is Tonya Cook of Tonya Cook Photography. I came across her earlier this year when one of my cousins posted about wanting to have her senior photos taken by Tonya. I took a look at her page and was blown away. It is rare that you meet a photographer that is amazing with so many different subject matters... weddings, babies, senior photos, you name it.

(Note: This photo of Tonya was taken by her daughter)

I am starting a new feature on my journal called, "Friday Favorites." I plan to start it off by featuring some of the most talented people I've met on-line, and Tonya was an obvious choice for my first feature; the fact that I had a difficult time narrowing my favorite photos by Tonya down to thirty should really tell you something about her talent!

You can find many more of Tonya's amazing photos and give her some love on her Facebook page, Tonya Cook Photography. I envy those of you who live closer to Cincinnati!

And here we go, thirty of my favorite photos by Tonya Cook Photography; senior photos before the cut, and children/baby, family, wedding, engagement, pets, and more after the cut:


  1. She is very talented and an overall wonderful person! So glad you are highlighting her work.

  2. Tonya is an absolutely amazing photographer and an amazing person! So happy that her talent is being highlighted. She deserves it more than anything!

  3. amazing talent and a truly beautiful soul!

  4. Wow! Those photos are amazing. I, as well, love the fact that she has many different types of subjects. Truly a gifted artist!

  5. LOVE HER! The baby in the flower pot is my daughter!!! She takes such great photos and makes it look so easy! So talented indeed!!

  6. I too, love Tonya's work. You picked a very talented lady. Also happy that my grand daughter was one of your picks.....she is the one with the hat and jeans on!!


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