Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Favorites - Electra Designs Corsetry

For the third edition of Friday Favorites, I want to introduce you to Electra Designs Corsetry, the work of Alexis Black. I discovered Electra Designs five or six years ago on LiveJournal. I was immediately blown away by Alexis' talent. I have always had a love of corsets, but I had never seen the level of talent Alexis possesses. While all her corsets are simply stunning, the first corset below is the one that really blew me away. Her attention to detail is really incredible; never have I seen patterned fabric so masterfully aligned at a seam (and certainly not on such complicated fabric on such a complicated garment!). In addition to corsets, Alexis also makes neck corsets, corset skirts, bras, and more.

If you would like more information on ordering a corset from Electra Designs, check out Alexis' personal web-site, To view more photos of her incredible work, head on over to her Facebook page. You can even follow her on Twitter.

Here are twelve of my favorite Electra Designs corsets...

(Photo by Electra Designs)

(Models: Shien Lee and Lucus Lanthier, Photographer: Andrea Hausmann)

(Model: Winter Kelly, Photographer: Winter Wolf Studios)

(Model: Kitten Von Mew, Photographer: Kate Donovan of 21st Century Goddess)

(Model: Dena Massque, Photographer: Eline Spek)

(Model: Bad Charlotte, Photographer: Charlie Bones Photography)

(Model: Jade Vixen, Photographer: Studio 900)

(Model: Kitten von Mew, Photographer: Unknown)

(Model: Lily DeVille, Photographer: Vara Pappas)

(Model: Lily DeVille, Photographer: Vara Pappas)

(Model: Kitten Von Mew, Photographer: Unknown)

(Model: Miss Mosh, Photographer: Dastardly Dave)

(Model: Chesty von Ellem, Photographer: Vara Pappas)

(Model: Winter Kelly, Photographer: Winter Wolf Studios)

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