Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Digital Coke machine

I was made aware today that not everyone has heard of digital Coke machines. So, I want to share the awesome with all of you.

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The front of digital Coke machines has a touch screen where you first select what kind of pop you want. There is usually around twenty choices to choose from (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta, root beer, Minute Maid, Light Minute Maid, etc., even Dasani).

Image source (Edited some by me)

The real awesome happens next though. After you select what kind of pop you want, you are brought to a screen where you can select what kind of flavor you want to add to your pop. Depending on what kind of pop you select, you will have a different number of possible flavors to add. I recommend starting with Sprite because it usually allows you to add any of the flavors. The typical flavor options you have to pick from are peach, lime, orange, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, cherry, and grape. Peach Sprite is AH-MAZ-ING. Timmy (my boyfriend) created a strawberry raspberry Sprite yesterday which was even more awesome (I believe the "awesome" count for this blog post is currently at three).

We have seen digital Coke machines at Five Guys, Pei Wei, Cosi, and Potbelly. If you haven't had the opportunity to use one, do it, it is life-changing.


  1. Whaaat how have I not heard of this! I'm not a big pop person but this sounds really fun. I would totally do a raspberry sprite!

  2. never heard of it...but i love the idea!strawberry raspberry sprite???? yum!

  3. I was in a near by city going to see Transformers 3D and the wendys we went to had that machine. I loved it, my only comment on it was needs a clean cycle between drinks. My coke tasted like grape coke. I love the idea to mix what i want....

  4. Oh My Goodness!!!! I need to find one!!!!

  5. I found the digital Coke machines has a touch screen at Burger King I love the Coke with a touch Lime flavor


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