Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DIY: Elephant card

This elephant card is super adorable and easy to make. If you are not a fan of elephants, you can easily modify these instructions to create any kind of animal card.

Gather your supplies:
Pattern (see below) or drawing skills
Paper in whatever color/patterns you want
Pen or pencil
Paint or a button for the eye

Don't forget the most important thing, an adorable helper:

The first thing you need to do is locate an animal outline or pattern to use. I used this free sewing patten. Sewing patterns for 2D animals and coloring pages are great for this because they are usually just simple outlines. If you want to create a card using a different animal, Google image search is your friend; for example, try searching "(your animal name here) outline" and I'm sure you will come up with something you can use.

After you find a pattern you want to use, print it, and cut it out. Take the paper you want the main part of your card built of, and fold it in half. Lay the pattern on your paper so the top of the pattern hangs off the folded edge of your paper like this:

Trace around your pattern. The fold is what is going to be holding the front and back of your card together, so, make sure you leave enough of the fold on the top of your design.

Cut out your design, and your card should look something like this:

Next trace around the ear and cut it out. Don't forget to leave a tab where you can glue the ear to the card (I used rubber cement) after it is cut out:

After you have attached the ear, add an eye. I used a button for my eye, but you could also used paint, paper, etc. if you don't have a spare button handy (although personally I think the button eye makes the card).

Reward your adorable helper with hugs for all his hard work.

I was inspired to make this card when I picked out a card for my boss only to discover that the card was $7.00. SEVEN DOLLARS! For a CARD!! I think my card is much cuter anyways, what do you think?

Note: You may notice that the type of paper and some elements changed throughout the photos; this is because I was experimenting throughout the process to see what I liked best.

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