Saturday, November 26, 2011

Proud winner of a Shabby Apple dress

Wednesday I won this amazing Shabby Apple dress on the blog Dressed Up Like a Lady. If you are interested in buying the dress for yourself, it is called "Too Darn Hot," and you can find it here; tip, if you read Cammila's (of Dressed Up Like a Lady) blog you can find a promo code for Shabby Apple.

I am so excited to receive it so I can prance around the house in it and take photos. I'm going to have to MAKE a special occasion to wear it out. I'm the kind of girl who walks around her apartment wearing heels in her bathrobe just because it makes her feel good; so, if I can't find a special occasion soon to wear the dress, I won't care, because I don't need an excuse!

If you weren't already on your way, you should check out Cammila's blog. She has her own unique sense of style, and makes me miss the days that my hair was pink. How could you NOT want to check out the blog of someone who determines and announces blog winners with this much adorable flair?

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