Saturday, November 19, 2011

My dream job

I have often pondered what my dream job would be. It is something that has long stumped me. There isn't much I'm passionate about that I would be interested in doing to earn a living. When you have to do something, it often takes some (or most) of the joy out of it. Why is that? Is it human's rebellious nature that doesn't allow us to enjoy something simply because we are required to do it?

After 27 1/2 years of life, I've finally came up with my dream job... a way to do something I am passionate about without losing my interest in it. The problem? My dream job is about as realistic as me becoming a ballroom dancer or professional singer (I have no rhythm, coordination, or ability to keep a tune). My dream job is to be a professional blogger. Though, I detest the word "blogger" and any derivative of the word "blog".

I've always loved writing, but I have never had much interest in writing professional. The problem with most professional writing is that creativity can be stifled by editors, imposed word limits, etc. Personal blogging has the distinct advantage of being your own boss, and therefore having creative control over your own content. Of course, you still have to answer to advertisers and sponsors, however, you get to choose who you will work with.

If only I dressed inspiringly, was innovative in the kitchen, or was a crafty DIY-er. I'm an expert at snark; maybe that could be my niche. Although, we all may be better off if I kept more of that to myself.

If you could be paid for blogging about anything, what would you choose to write about? If you are already fortunate enough to get paid for your blogging, would your blogging be any different if you weren't getting paid for it?

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