Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Free photo prints

For the last week I've been home sick which has left me with too much couch time on my hands. This has resulted in entirely too much time spent pursuing the Internet; especially during a week when Internet sales have been abound.

On Black Friday I ordered six sweaters and five other shirts from Old Navy for only $134 (plus tax).... for those too lazy to do math, that's an average of only $12 a shirt! I plan to try them all on and narrow them down once I get them, because I really don't need to be buying eleven shirts at once.

On Cyber Monday I got some great deals on more photo prints from Timmy's and my anniversary photo sessions. Even better, Sears Portrait Studios was offering $20 worth of prints from personal photos for free. I have this amazinggg photo of my grandpa dressed up as a cowboy that I have been wanting to get prints of, so, I got an 8x10 print, two 5x7, and four 3.5x5 prints of it for free (only had to pay shipping). If you are interested, the offer is good through December 6th; just use coupon code "HLD418."


  1. old navy has SUCH good deals, it's crazy how much you can get for so little.
    i LOVE the title of your blog; i am obsessed with hippos :)

  2. So true; I've become addicted to Old Navy in the last year.

    Me too! I love elephants too. I may, or may not, be an adult with multiple stuffed animal hippos. I have a hippo Pinterest board if you are interested; everything from a hippo bar to a hippo clothes, etc:



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